25 Gold Medals for WCOPA Philippine Delegates 2015

What would you feel if you competed in an International competition and win a gold medal? Well, if you ask me, I would be very thankful and ecstatically happy that I would be shock at the moment and freeze that I don’t know what to do. This could also be the feeling of what the the Filipino performers felt when they bagged not just one but 25 Gold Medals in total (16 of which came from Luzon delegates alone) at the recent World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held in Long Beach Los Angeles last July 8-19, 2015.

This year 48 individuals in the Philippines have made it to the cut. And their journey of showcasing their talents to the world brought home a total of 25 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals, 13 Bronze medal, 17 Plaques, 3 Finalists Medal and 4 Industry awardee.


And to give thanks to those who have supported their journey in the said “Talent Olympics,the 12 of the 16 delegates from Luzon collaborated and held a concert at Teatrino last August 31, 2015.

jet barrun wcopa 01

The love to perform could be is the similar factor that me and the “Champions” have. And because I consider myself a frustrated singer and a friend of mine (Raymond Gorospe) competed, I decided to visit and give my support to them.

raymond gorospe wcopa 02aliya parcs wcopa jet barrun wcopa mike mendoza wcopa male model raymond gorospe wcopa 01

The program started with a group act introducing each of the 12 delagates from Luzon, then was followed by solo and group performance. The 12 delegates consists of Jet Tarun, Brandon Chan, Chir Cataran, Diana Gale De Lemos, Raymond Gorospe, Liv Gonzales, Marianne Manliclic, Mike Mendoza, Aliya Parcs, Rachel Pegason, Jude, and Princess Rivera-Virtudazo.

This is not the first time the Philippines is joining the WCOPA, notable past victors already includes Rhap Salazar, Marielle Mamaclay and of course the now Hall of Famer,  Jed Madela.

Special thanks to the following: Unisilver, Montage Skin Science and Aesthetics, Eton Intl School Manila, Mayor Lib Navarro and Gonzales family, CDO Foodsphere, Vega Productions. Also special thanks to Department of Tourism, Tourism Promotions Board, NCCA, Folded & Hung, Secosana, Cravings C3 Events Place

wcopa fifth gen

The Fifth Gen

Congratulations to all the delegates, may your journey take you to greater heights!

Until our next discovery in the City!
またね Mata ne! 
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