The Lakwatseros TV at FAT Restaurant


The Lakwatseros are out and we are ready to do some explorations.

Upon the invitation of Anzo Arlan and JL Asayo, I got a chance to taste the unique offerings of FAT restaurant. The name of this new simple looking restaurant says everything about their food – fattening, Why? because most of food listed on their menu are meat based dishes.

With basic neutral colors mostly in black and white, FAT restaurant projects simplicity with class, and as simple as it would seem, when they serve the food you’ll probably say there are a lot of things going on.

fat restaurant-9

FAT Restaurant loves deconstruction, each food presented in our table are neatly plated with some of dishes still needed to be mixed and putted together to achieve the desired flavor. Unfamiliar dinners would definitely needed to ask on how the dish is to be eaten, like what we did.

Here are some of the food we tasted.

fat restaurant


FAT Poutine (Php 380) compose of Fries, roasted Bone Marrow, Mushroom Ragnut, Kesong Puti and Bone Marrow Gravy.

fat restaurant-2


Pork’s Ear En Croute (Php 370) with hearb Oil, Mango Mayo, Saffron Aioli, Sourdough and Pico de Gallo

fat restaurant-4


Korean Beef Stew (Php 870) Boneless Short Ribs, Kimchi Rice, Seared Foie Gras / 64 degree Egg

fat restaurant-6


Porchetta (Php 770) Bacon Jam, Whipped Potatoes, Spinach, Mushroom Ragout

fat restaurant-8


For dessert: Bacon Bakalava (Php 310) with Phyllo Pastry, Pistachio, Almonds, Maple Glazed Bacon and Brown butter Ice Cream on the side.

I love the Porchetta the most with its crispy pork skin combined with sauce and spinach on the side. The FAT Poutine is something to try on as well, and the dessert is simple interesting. The lakwatseros definitely enjoyed the first food-trip.


And speaking of Lakwatseros, the tv show, Lakwatseros TV, hosted by my good friend Anzo Arlan and JL Asayo are on its 2nd season and now in their new home. Last Saturday, Lakwatseros aired its pilot episode with their trip to Tawi-Tawi. Such a teaser now I wanted to go to Tawi-Tawi!

lakwatseros at fat restaurant-3

The show is about the exploration of the two in different tourist destination here in the Philippines, incorporating different activities, food-trips plus lots of cultural and traditional leanings.

Lakwatseros airs every Saturday,  8:20 in the morning at GMA News TV. I can’t wait to join this two soon on their exploration. To know more about Lakwatseros visit this link

lakwatseros at fat restaurant


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Until our next trip in the City!
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