My Unforgettable Story with Citi Philippines on its 25th year

In my early years, I really don’t believe with owning a credit card. I always say no if someone would offer. I usually say “Owning one would only make me live in debts.” But as I grew older, I realized the importance of having one. I can leave the house without cash or even support my parents just by using card extensions. Currently, I actually don’t own just one, I have six, three of which is from Citibank!

Here’s one of my travels abroad with some friends creating our very own unforgettable moments.

A few days ago, I was invited to attend in an intimate celebration and milestones of Citi. I still actually remember that iconic commercial aired in the 90’s! It felt like it was yesterday. And in just like that, The country’s largest foreign bank already is celebrating its 25th year of providing world class credit card products and services to the Filipino consumer.

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Today, Citi remains the acknowledged industry leader, with an enviable track record of innovations and best-in-market offers and promotions, making many unforgettable stories possible for its Filipino customers.  And what would be a better way to celebrate its 25th year than to reward its loyal clients with the campaign ‘My Unforgettable Story’?

‘My Unforgettable Story’

Launched in March and running until August 2015, the promotion presents Citi cardholders the chance to create new memories in some of the world’s most breathtaking places –by simply using their Citi credit card.

Citi Philippines Marks 25 Years_Photo 05

A total of fifteen lucky cardholders will be chosen in three raffle draws, with five winners to be awarded in each set. The first set of winners can choose one of the Stories of Discovery prizes, including a gourmet food tour in Japan, journey to self-discovery in Bali, scuba diving in Palau, and China or Egypt exploration.

Citi Philippines Marks 25 Years_Photo 02

Meanwhile, 2nd raffle draw winners can have a spectacular celebration of love as they can choose one of the Stories of Romance prizes such as a honeymoon in Maldives, island escapade in Thailand and hot air balloon date in Dubai. Winners can also have their dream wedding gown designed by a top couturier, or make their most romantic proposal happen.

 Citi Philippines Marks 25 Years_Photo 01

Things get more exciting as the third set of winners can revel in one of the Stories of Adventure prizes like a family ski adventure in Korea, US theme park getaway, Mediterranean cruise, African safari and the magical Aurora Borealis experience.

Citi Philippines Marks 25 Years_Photo 03

It’s so easy to win – just use your card for any purchase, regardless of amount, and you will earn raffle entries.  And because we want all our cardholders to have a chance to win, we are awarding raffle entries for nearly every use of a Citi card: from using Citibank Online to charging with Citi PayLite, and even when you apply for a Personal Loan,” explained David Stoughton, Credit Payments Head of Citi Philippines.

tokyo citi bank

My next target – Tokyo! Hope Citi would take me there! hehehe thanks Citi!

To see the complete list of prizes and ways on how to qualify for the promotion, visit

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