ARC Mobile, the new breed of Pinoy mobile phones

Arc Mobile

A new breed of phone company have lined up to battle-out big names in the market, The Filipino company ARC Mobile is set to showcase a new line of Android phones that will feature some of the lowest prices possible in the market yet competitive enough in terms of quality, ability and performance.

ARC Mobile has been very brave in opening up and trying out their luck in the business. But a lot of questions could come up along with this “guts” … Why now? With the extent of so many choices out in the market whether be local or foreign what could be the factors ARC Mobile do have to at least maintain a good standing in the market. I listed down some of the ideas I thought about ARC Mobile’s strength.


1. Reach – Arc Mobile is a product of the a company that distributes big names in the mobile industry all over the philippines, Does when in terms of reach and market scope and research Arc Mobile has one of the advantage.

2. Personalization – Being a new brand in the market and still on their baby stages, Arc mobile has this idea of growing along with its users and gradually bringing up new ideas and concepts from different feedbacks.

3. Affordability – with phones having a capability of some over expensive phones in the market, Arc Mobile have there way to at least bring down the prices of the smartphones and tabs while giving the best performance and quality they could offer. As to our information, their most expensive android phones/tab could only cost around 7k and below.

4. Warranty – Arc Mobile guarantees not just 7-day phone replacement but an extent of a month or 30 days to be exact.

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At the recent launch of ARC Mobile last May 17, 2013, Jordan Ng, ARC Mobile’s Product Manager, presided the presentation. Mr. Ng presented to the invited bloggers the company’s entire product line so far, including a couple of prototypes which were set to hit the market within June or July this year.

Basically, Arc Mobile has prepared four product lines – The Basic Phones, Prime Android, Nitro, and the Tablets line simply named as Tab.

The Basic phones are the ones they previously released in the market. It’s the usual bar phones or entry level touch phones that has dual sim functionality, VGA camera, Wireless FM radio and my most favorite function – The Torch Light.

Mr. Ng revealed the new lineup of phones they will be releasing made up by seven new items.The Prime and Nitro phones feature a touch interface, Prime runs on Gingerbread while Nitro run on Jellybean. Both lines have dual SIM slots, WiFi connectivity and runs on either 1Ghz and a nice camera.

Prime 350

Prime 350


Nitro 450QD

Nitro 400D

Nitro 400D


Nitro 500D

The remaining 3 units was categorized under the “tabs”. Tab 700M and Tab 720M 3g both have Dual SIM capabilities, running on 1Ghz Single Core A9 processor, 7 inch wide screen and dual camera. What sets Tab 700m is that it has a Mobile Analog TV feature, which is a bit great for people in the go.


Tab 701D (SRP 4,599)


Tab 720 3G

Tab 720M 3G

TAB 700M

Tab 700M


ARC Mobile do really have great potential to penetrate the market, giving the customer excellent capabilities on a very reasonable price. Its actually good thing as well to know that Arc Mobile provides not just hardware support but as well as software support to their buyers. It’s a pretty responsive phone good enough specially for people who are looking for a secondary device. We will be expecting more phone to come so lets just wait and see what’s ARC mobile is cooking up on there next line up.

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More news ahead from the City!

  • joy

    Hello. Sino po ba may experience using the Nitro 450QD? and how much does it cost? Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • arc mobile 1 user

    anong file format na game ang puwede sa arcade 1 ??? pls. help .jar ba pwede ???

    • Kay Margha Villaflor

      Saan po nakakabili ng casing ng nitro400d ols reply

  • Mike Bannister

    I’m looking for an inexpensive case for the Tab 720m

  • Darwiza Guimoc

    pahabol po.. may office (e.g. word, ppt, excel) po ba yung Tab 701D? thanks po! :)

    • rodelflordeliz

      Ifs an android phone, you can always download Office sa Google Store :)

  • Darwiza Guimoc

    Hello po! Tanong lang po, does Tab 701D support ebook reading? May Bluetooth and wi-fi po ba? hoping for your response po.. thanks! :)

  • nice

    any phone with 1gb RAM????

  • shanne masian

    saan po ginawa ang arc mobile,ito ba ay ginawa ng mga pilipino?

    • Rodel Flordeliz

      Arc Mobile is a filipino concept, but manufactured in China, almost all phone units even international brands are manufactured in china because of the low cost :)

    • rodelflordeliz

      Its a filipino owned company, just like Starmobile and Torque, the design and the whole concept of each phones are thought off by Filipino and still Its Manufactured in China.

  • haydencook

    san po ba nakakabili ng accesories ng nitro 400d.back casing and jelly cases po…….

    • Kay Margha Villaflor

      Me too im looking meron k n b saan k nkbili pm me 09364237400

  • Jack Penbar

    How about software development documentations? Rooting?

  • mari

    ok po itong arcd mobile.nakabili ako nung feb 2013,arcade 1 ang model.matibay at decent po tingnan.try po ninyo

  • geo

    There’s no mention of GPS receiver on the specs of all phones. May I ask kung may GPS receiver po ba ito na unpublished lang?

    • Rodel Flordeliz

      Hi! According to ARC Mobile the phones that do have GPS are the following: NITRO 400D, NITRO500D AND TAB720m 3g

      Thanks for the inquiry. :)

  • dexter

    wla pa poh bang accessories ng Nitro 400D?

    • Rodel Flordeliz



    • Kay Margha Villaflor

      Me too im looking for casing na nitro 400d kaw saan k nakabili pm mo naman ako pls
      Sa fb ko pls

      • Kay Margha Villaflor

        Or text me 09364237400

  • glowin ombas

    magkano po yung tab720m :)

    • rodelflordeliz

      hello hello! ARC 720m 3g is priced at Php 5,599

      • Elizalde Castillo

        Hello Sir! panu po mag-install ng adobe reader sa arc mobile 700m. nakabili ksi ako pero diko alam panu magdownload at mginstall.. thank you

        • Rodel Flordeliz

          Hi, i think if its an android OS, you can just donwload applications on the app store

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