TikTok celebrates winners of first 1 Million Audition in the Philippines

Three Filipino TikTok creators will fly to South Korea for the TikTok Gala in November

MANILA, Oct. 4, 2018 – TikTok, the world’s fastest-growing short-form video app, has announced the winners of its first-ever 1 Million Audition in the Philippines, besting over 31,000 videos received in just two weeks. Led by three celebrities Bela Padilla, Ella Cruz, and Donnalyn Bartolome, the 1 Million Audition contest aims to find the most talented creators in the country.

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September 2018 Journal – Suit Up! | #NognogintheCityDiaries

September 2018 was full packed with events that required me to suit up. It was a very fruitful month where I was able to have my very first ambassadorship gig (special thanks to Asus), I was rebooked for a hosting gig at the DRT show, I was able to officially part of a online talent management and of course had a fruitful time exploring life with new and old friends.

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The Darker the better – Rice the Right Way!

I feel really incomplete whenever I would be having a meal without rice. I guess, this is cause by being use to it since I was a kid and it is quite hard to let go specially here in the Philippines where rice is a staple.

A lot would say White Rice is bad for our health, but I do believe it isn’t. Research says that the gravity of it could depend on the portion size and on how frequently you consumed it. Of course the best time to eat a bowl of rice is when you are going to be on active mode the whole day.

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Why Travel with a Good Travel Pillow?

Spoiler alert: I happen to have a wild soul – an adventurous nature that has had me travel the world without tire. As a matter of fact, I’m already planing a trip to Tokyo, Japan this October and come February next year, I am excited to go back to Hong Kong. For a person of my caliber, my travel pack usually has a couple of things all the time without fail. Among these accessories is a travel pillow; you will never miss me with an extra pair for security purposes.

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Why You Should Visit Barcelona This Year?

It’s a funny question; perhaps the actual one in this scenario should be “Why shouldn’t you visit Barcelona?” Here, the most appropriate answer would be probably because you haven’t planned yourself sufficiently for the vacation. Otherwise, the plethora of cultural practices from the dozens of different cultures in this Catalonian City of Spain will keep you coming back for more with friends and family.

The scenery will leave you breathless as you delight in the wide selection of dishes from all the varied cultures. This tip might come in really handy for some of you: if you are an art lover, you just entered your ‘own little dimension – the art galaxy’!

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