ShopBack is the smarter way to shop on Holidays!

We all love to shop, but the Holiday rush can take the fun right out of it. After all, squeezing through a crowded mall for a pair of socks doesn’t seem like the smartest way to do your gift shopping.

This is the time when online shopping really proves its worth: no lines, no crowds, and no closing hours. And that’s not even the best part—thanks to cashback platforms like ShopBack, every gift you buy gets you a gift in return!

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Now I finally Understood Pawning + Where to find the Highest Appraisal Rate

Growing up, I have this really weird misconception about pawnshops. When I was still young, I usually overheard it from my parents talking about pawning watches and jewelries whenever we would be needing additional money for tuitions fees and other stuff. Somehow, as there last resort for money problems.

Watching TV and on how pawnshops are being portrayed could be another scenario, where usually the antagonist would be seen in front of a pawn shop in his or her most desperate situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the pawnshop itself is bad, in fact, it could be considered to be like a superhero that saves the day. I guess what strikes me the most is the people who goes there, in dire need to pawn a very valuable item just to have an ample amount of money to be used for a more important matter. As you might have know, letting go of something precious, is just sometimes heartbreaking.

Anyway, adulthood might struck me a bit late but it already gave me enough ideas about the pawning system and on its importance in the community. Continue reading and will tell you more about my first time experience and my recent discoveries.

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Jabra brings four latest additions to the Elite family of headphones and earbuds to the Philippines

Besides the Elite series’ trademark quality listening experience and durability, each of the four products – Elite 45e, Elite 65t, Elite Active 65t, and Elite 65e- presents specific features

Jabra launched four newest members of the Elite series in the Philippines – the Elite 45e, Elite 65t, Elite Active 65t, and Elite 65e. First announced at CES 2018, they are the latest to join the Elite family of headphones and earbuds, a series engineered for outstanding music quality and strong voice capability.

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The Red Whistle marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day with #XXXWAD

December 1, 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the global commemoration of World AIDS Day. The Red Whistle marks this momentous milestone with #XXXWAD, a series of curated events intended to highlight our partnerships with business, government, and community-based organizations in our bid to “kiss AIDS goodbye.”

The Red Whistle has partnered again with Project Headshot Clinic, an innovative digital campaign that uses online profile photos to deliver timely advertising and advocacy messages. This year’s collaboration uses bright lights fashioned into three intersecting X’s as foreground and backdrop to the profile photos of the advocates.

The three X’s represent the Roman numeral XXX or 30. The intersections also symbolize our partnerships and the need for us to come together to act effectively in our fights to end AIDS. The headshots will be launched online on midnight of December 1.

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2 Days In Columbus, Ohio: Things to Do, See and Try

Ohio’s state capital may be popular as a college town but in reality, it’s much more than that. With its striking nature trails and magnificent parks along with its world-class museums, zoo, historic neighborhoods and markets, Columbus makes sure that visitors to this city have their hands full. From nature lovers and science nerds to the sports enthusiasts, culturally-inclined visitors, shopaholics and more, Columbus has something or the other to keep everyone engaged and happy. Though Ohio’s state capital has a lot to offer, here are the top picks when you have just two days to make the most of your visit to Columbus.

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