A Box Full of surprise gifts from LBC Express #SorpresaPadala

A #SorpresaPadala package full of sweets from LBC express came into my office fa few days ago . . .

I always felt excited opening a wrapped box. The idea of not knowing whats inside it is something I always look forward to. Thou I may say, to people who knows me well, I always give them a blank face whenever friends or family members made an effort of surprising me. I may not seem ecstatically happy but you know what guys, deep inside I’m super kilig! haha!

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Coca-Cola give thanks to the People who works behind each Holiday Celebration

Holiday is a word always being doubt when your working in a media industry. I have been in that industry for more than 10 years and ‘luckily’, I was always one of those people to be left behind at the office, helping to deliver news worthy actions for TV while other people are enjoying the holiday. I am not complaining (sometimes) for doing so give me twice the salary rate per day, and also, I wasn’t really the type of person who goes on the hype of celebrating holiday occasions.

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