(Review) Dormitos, The First Capsule Dormitory in the Philippines

Redefining the dormitory concept in the Philippines comes Dormitos, the first Japanese-style capsule hostel in the Philippines. It’s first branch is centrally located at the metro’s busiest/transit Center – Cubao. Dormitos offers guest accessibility, security and privacy at a very reasonable price.

I’ve been eyeing to try this hostel since it opened, most especially after my personal trip in Japan, where capsule hostel originated. Luck have probably brought me on this day where I was able to try it finally. And being near to places like Smart Araneta Center and Cubao X made me even more excited to stay here for a night knowing that I could have other things to do around the area on my free time.

Continue reading and will tell you my personal review about the place.

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Hit the Road with Marshall Portable Speakers – Tufton, Killburn II and Stockwell II

When we talk about portable speakers, no one can deny the beauty and appeal of Marshall speakers. These iconic speakers have already been a dependable equipment for a long time in concerts, events and music fest. Now it has been improve and innovated so that avid listeners can take it anywhere they go. Featuring a new breed of sound from Marshall with Tufton, Killburn II and Stockwell II.

Keep on reading and will tell you more about it.

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Royal Air Philippines Opens its Newest Hub in Cebu City

With the goal to sell flights but the experience, Royal Air tries its best to provide the best service to its market. Starting with the baggage, giving each passenger a free 10 kg check-in luggage along with the regular 7kg hand carry. Royal Air Philippines also do promos on a regular basis, giving its customers flight tickets from Php 488, 399, 189 or even as low as Php 20. But even with this low prices, Royal Air Philippines doesn’t considered its self as a low cost airline.

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Museums you can Visit within Manila via LRT-1 commute (ikotMNL on International Museum Day)

You might not know it but there are actually a handful of Museums you could find within Metro Manila. In fact just by taking a jeepney ride along Rizal Avenue or LRT-1, you could already be able to do a Museum day trip just in time for the International Museum Day coming May 18. Whether you like looking at art masterpieces or learning about science, history, and anything else under the sun, the Philippines main city got a museum you’ll love, all reachable by getting on the LRT-1.

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Travel-ready with the Slimmest and Ultra-tough ASUS ZenBook S13 UX392

Its officially summer and no doubt I’ll be going to places where my wandering feet takes me. While it looks like I’m on vacation, reality is I’m still working while taking beach breaks in between. So with all the traveling plus the scorching heat, I would need a workstation that’s very light to bring along yet tough enough to take the weather conditions and endure minor thuds, bumps and scratches along the way. Well getting my hands on the world’s slimmest and toughest ultrabook by ASUS made me feel like I’ll be spending my summer just as I had planned it.

Yep, I was skeptical at first with this 1.1 kg ultrabook and 12.9 mm thin, so that’s barely an inch. I thought, how would this put up with my frequent travels plus the sweltering summer heat? Trying the ASUS ZenBook S13 for a day, I got it in my bag along with my usual stuff and just placed it in the backseat of my car. It was around 10 a.m. and the heat is becoming unbearable so I had to quickly get off the car. I was halfway out of the parking area when I realized I forgot my bag with the ultrabook. So I had to go back and check if the ultrabook was ok and I was relieved that it booted fast and had no signs of damage.

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