Full list of #WishMusicAwards2018 Winners + The Unexpected WishJocks Reunion

It has been 3 years since the inception of the now internationally (very) famous Wish 107.5! I still remember how It all started, those first meetings, rehearsals, my very first on air show and even on how our DJ names was born. It was all because of Kuya Daniel Razon, for tagging me to join as well as on making my dream job come true.

It was a short 1 year stint and I was force to let it go (for some job related reasons). A few of my comrades also decided to press the pause button to pursue a different career in life.

After 3 years, we are back to play the button once again and to keep on wishing.

Continue reading and will tell you more about what you’ve missed at the Wish 1075 Music Awards 2018!

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My First European Flight via Scoot Airlines + Budget Traveling from Manila to Athens starting at Php 10,795!

I guess luck have visited me when Scoot was looking for someone to fly to Athens, Greece.

I cannot fully remember the scenario, but all I know, It was originally @Rodmagaru who were supposed to be on this trip. Unfortunately, being tied to work and having an expiring passport made him let go of the opportunity (That sucks!). Comes me to the rescue hahaha!

After a few email conversation, it got approved! Scoot is flying me to Greece to experience a Greek Winter Holiday!

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Ease Hunger while Commuting, Grab-A-Fitbar for FREE

“Grab-A-Fitbar” is a project that aims to alleviate the hunger pangs and snacking worries of those stuck in traffic of Manila’s urban jungle.

Traffic is always a conversation piece whenever I travel across the globe. It is something foreigners are really interested with. I on the other hand, willingly tells them how exaggeratedly worst our traffic is. Well, I guess it isn’t really that of a secret, for as we know, Metro Manila ranked as 3rd in the worst traffic in the South East Asia just recently.

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Organizing a messy life with Quest Leather Journal & Everything is Possible Planner by Viviamo

Okay, my 2017 has been totally crazy. I guess as we grow older, years, months, days or even an hour or a minute of our time are becoming very significant that we want to achieve more than what we are capable of (sometimes). We always want to strive for something more. I guess it is how grown ups live.

Organizing is a lifetime activity. As we grow older, we tend to learn our own ways to do it. Some are too organized, every move they do is detailed, some just go with the flow. The rest, I guess is like me, the irregular types, who both tries to be organised but fail to do so. Have you ever ask yourself why you always try your best to own a planner at the start of the year, but will end up with only 30% of it filled? Then you will do it again on the next year, and to the next. It was like a continous process of telling yourself to be organised and doing it over and over until you mastered it.

This 2018 would gave us another round to start, so let us try again and be more dedicated in achieving our goals.

Continue reading will tell you more about this awesome journal I’ve discovered.

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4 things I consider when choosing a travel luggage

I only became picky about buying luggage just recently. That is after I was able to travel and experience different kinds of traveling. I realize, having a really dependable companion (luggage) on your trips is really an important matter. I guess, it is true after all;

Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.

But luckily, I really do not have the worst luggage experiences to share. I may have a few but it is totally incomparable to what my friends had. It was a learning experience for both myself and the other travelers freinds. And I guess, I am just really lucky on owning a very tough one.

Continue reading and will tell you more about my recent luggage discovery.

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