Tutuban Center in Divisoria: A gold mine to thrifty Shoppers + Quick Tips for Divisoria Shoppers

It has been a norm for me and my mom to visit Divisoria and particularly Tutuban Center whenever Ber months hits the calendar. On these months, celebrations are almost non-stop in our family add to that is my Birthday month comes November. Divisoria is our go to place whenever we needed to buy school supplies, gifts, souvenir items, raw materials or other things we needed at home. It may not be the best place to do a luxurious shopping but this venue could be a gold mine to thrifty shoppers, like me!

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Get the Job done with Dirty Jobs PH

If you don’t want your hands to get dirty (literally) hire some one to do it! Not that i want you to take someone else’s life (like in the movies) but what I am talking about are some services you might not be able to do because of your busy schedule or things you just don’t know how to do. Get some help from DirtyJobs.ph.

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