Power Teeth Whitening – Get whiter teeth in less than two hours!

It has been a while since the last time I visited a Dental Clinic. Even though my dentist would insists for me to visit every 6 months, sadly I weren’t able to do so due to different circumstances. As I remember, the last time I visited was almost a year ago, when I consulted my dentist at Affinity Dental Clinic on how I could prevent stains in my teeth.

Finally, I was able to have time to visit. This time around Affinity Dental Clinic gave back the true colors of my teeth by undergoing to the so called Power Teeth Whitening. Continue reading and I would love to tell you more about it.

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7 Reasons Why you should get a Watsons Card + Share the Summer Campaign

Watsons has been my go to place whenever I would be needing any personal care products as well as medicine. With their vast line up, I can consider it actually as a one stop shop for any health, beauty and wellness products I would be needing. Getting that full customer experience as I enter the leading health, beauty and wellness retail shop, Watsons is truly owning the line and giving customers that “Look Good, Feel Great” moments.

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Zenbook 13 Burgundy Red Ultraportability for Ultra Hardworking People

I have this thing for testing stuff to see if it would fit my lifestyle. With my vlog, photos that I post on my blog, typing away for my new post while binge-watching movies in between or traveling to some awesome destination, a laptop is a necessity. But no one wants to lug around a heavy laptop while on a trip, right? Good thing there are ultraportable laptops now which means they are ultrathin and just the right size. So the battle for ultra-portability is on for laptop manufacturers and so far ASUS claimed their laptop line is the world’s most compact laptop and I just had to try it out to see if it had the right specs packed in an ultralight case. Here’s what it turned out to be.

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